General Information

An overview of important QEP policies and procedures for faculty participants and other stakeholders.

Research and Professional Development Fund

QEP faculty have access to a $4,000 research and professional development fund to cover QEP-related expenses, such as computer equipment, books, or conference travel.  For example, several faculty members have used this money to purchase iPads and the Equity Maps application to help track student participation in their Harkness discussions.  Alternatively, you might consider using the funds to present findings from your new way of teaching at an academic conference, or hiring a student to assist you in teaching or research related to your QEP course.  Please contact Miriam Lipsky ( to use these funds.

Course Scheduling

All QEP courses should have a relevant component, attribute, and section code. It is important that QEP courses get these designations, so that they are accurately advertised to students during registration and properly flagged for the Office of Assessment and Accreditation. To that end, the following guide lays out several important considerations when creating a QEP course:

QEP Scheduling Guide

Harkness Classrooms

The arrangement of the physical space is an important consideration in all active-learning environments and particularly so in Harkness classrooms, where the space should be conducive to student-to-student interaction and democratic discussion. As such, the university has set aside funds to renovate a number of classrooms around campus. Currently, only Dooly Memorial 112 and Mahoney 137 have been finished. If you are teaching a Harkness course and would like to reserve one of these rooms, please contact Dacia Simpson (