Useful Links

A collection of links to insightful and inspiring articles, activities, materials, and strategies.


Blended and Flipped Learning on Faculty Focus 

A feed of articles related to blended and flipped learning on Faculty Focus.

Defining flipped learning: Four mistakes and a suggested standard 

A particularly insightful and well-articulated definition of flipped learning. 

No, you do not need to use video in flipped learning (and five alternatives) 

For many, video lectures are part and parcel of flipped learning. However, as the title of this article suggests, video is not always necessary, and, in fact, there are often better alternatives.

Resource Collections

Flipped Classroom Field Guide 

A large collection of flipped-learning resources, including general definitions and rationales, active-learning activities, and useful tech tools. One of the highlights are the faculty "flipped reports" which give readers a window on implementation details and challenges across a range of subjects and institutional contexts.

Flipped Learning Network Resources 

A large, diverse repository of resources which includes, among many other things, podcasts, a newsletter, tech-tool overviews, and subject-specific resources.