Useful Links

A collection of links to insightful and inspiring articles, activities, materials, and strategies.


Problem-Based Learning: Six Steps to Design, Implement, and Assess 

A nice primer on problem-based learning which presents an easy-to-follow process to get started. 

From Team Charters to Reflections: Six Steps for a Successful Group Project 

Group work is an essential element of PBL and thus the success or failure of a problem sequence often hinges on a group's ability to work well together.  This article presents a number of suggestions which may lead to more productive group work and, ultimately, more successful problem sequences. 


Resource Collections

University of Delaware Problem-Based Learning Clearinghouse 

A database of problems across a wide range of disciplines which can be adapted and used in your PBL courses or serve as inspiration as you create your own problems. It is searchable by discipline, length, and level.